Monday, May 17, 2010


Kids take a TON out of you. We picked everyone up at the airport around 11 a.m., and dropped them off at their hotel a touch before 6, and we were beat. Now, granted, I had been to the gym in the morning, and there was a REALLY big flight of steps that Peter begged to be carried up. And since his mom had Lila and his dad had all of their stuff, I carried him up a couple of flights, and Jeremy carried him the rest of the way. My legs are STILL feeling those stairs. :(

But we did have a blast. The light rail train and aquarium were HUGE hits with Peter, and I think Lila enjoyed seeing some of the fish. She's still just at the single word stage of things, so it was a lot of "Look!" and other babbling. The real great hit with her was actually the lavender pillow. It was soft and smelled good, and so she snuggled it immediately. I also like to think that she loved it a lot because it was made from a T-shirt that used to belong to her good buddy Jeremy (or, as my sister's husband dubbed him, "Friend Jeremy," since he isn't their uncle). :)

After that we managed to drag ourselves to a night of fiction reading (by other people, not us) at the Wayward, and then zonked out. We were SO grateful for the lazy Sunday we had planned. We spent a bit of time sifting through some books to ease the strain on a couple of bookcases, and then headed to the Cinebarre for Iron Man II. I am now totally in love with that theater. Mid-afternoon on a Sunday seems to be a great time to go, as it wasn't too crowded. So we got our snacks and drinks delivered to our seats relatively quickly, and got to enjoy the movie in a mostly quiet theater. Plus, I had sangria to drink. Jeremy got a $5 milkshake. :) I love it!

Came home to make somewhat disastrous giant burritos (the structural integrity of Jeremy's collapsed midway through, and mine decided that sour cream was a good addition to my shirt), but then we got to watch two more episodes of Doctor Who. Though they were probably not my favorites of this season (episode 1 is holding that honor at the moment), even though they're all about the Weeping Angels, there were still good moments. And we're caught up in terms of what's available thus far! :)

In other news, Trader Joe's has blue cheese slices! It's technically blue cheese blended with Monterey Jack, but whatever. They're yummy. My sandwich today is ham and blue cheese with tomato and mayo on a big soft baguette thingie. Delicious! :)

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