Friday, February 17, 2012

End of the Work Week Wisdom!

Wherein I prove that I am like a twelve year old sometimes. :)

See?! Buffy didn't feel it. I think you're drawing a lot of crazy conclusions about the Unholy Prince! (They look at him) Bator.
--Xander, from the Buffy vs. Dracula episode

Which might make more sense if you realize that Xander also called Dracula "Master." But I think it's HILARIOUS to just add "Bator" to the end of everything now. Because I am twelve sometimes. :)

In related news, Nate said last night "After five years, there aren't spoilers any more. It's called 'history.'" Which I suppose is fair. But I keep tripping over Buffy spoilers, and as you can see from the quote, we're only at the beginning of season 5. If there are any more spoilers that I haven't accidentally hit so far, I'll be impressed.

Vampire Fang Necklace from Weirdly Cute

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