Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten Years of Blogging

My blog is ten years old today. My website is a bit older, because I bought my domain when I decided that having a website of my own was the way to go. I started blogging because a lot of my online friends were doing it. And though there have been plenty of breaks in that ten year span, I'm happy to say that my blog is still going strong.

It's amusing to look back at my old blog posts, and see how much I've grown from the person who started this blog. About half of the blog was written when I lived in Illinois, and the other half since I've moved to Seattle. There have been any number of hobbies and other craziness that has come and gone. But writing this today, I feel like I have a sense of direction that I was lacking ten years ago. I know I'm happier overall, but also busier and often more tired.

At any rate, here's to another ten years... probably more! I will always be the Scary White Girl. :)

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