Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Well, I was reminded this weekend both why I love being a LARP ST, and why I got out of that business. Don't get me wrong, I had an absolute BLAST at the Garou game on Saturday night, despite the extreme cold (how can it be in the 30s in April?!?!)... but at the same time, I'm remembering how much time and energy an ST has to exert to make a game run smoothly and for everyone to have a ton of fun. It's certainly no picnic! But things are going very well already, and once I get through the inital crush of approving, recording, and updating the characters, I'll be much less busy! Then again, as Macke pointed out, I'm a little bit obsessive when it comes to making sure the characters are all recorded and kosher... yet another reason why the guys are happy that I'm on staff! :)

Tonight is the second installment of The Beyond, which is going to be a lot of fun. Like the Old Man said, Changeling is definitely my kind of game... and being able to throw my own little twist into the game makes things very amusing! Guess I better finish re-writing the little bit of prophecy that the old Eshu lady gave the PCs last week... that's the problem of coming up with stuff on the fly, and not writing it down... :)

Egyptian Campaign is this weekend, down here in C-dale. I got all of my games to the "done except for the last minute stuff" point last night. I'm only running four games this year: Vampire, Dark Ages, Exalted, and Adventure. I'm particularly looking forward to the Adventure game. I've never played or run it before, but the system is the basic White Wolf system, and the powers are pretty simple to deal with. And the setting is just way too much fun... basically take The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and/or any of the Indiana Jones movies, and you've got the setting for Adventure! :) Any rate, once the convention is over, I'll have more free time... free time good! :)

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