Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Why is it that weekends frequently make me near dead?! That's both odd and annoying... :(

Well, let's see here... Saturday, Gabe's nephew and I went through two entire cans of silly string... but it was fun... and I finally got Superstar, which runs on my computer like a dream... Saturday night, went shopping with Cindy and Jea9 before game, and got three new pieces of clothing for just over $9... not bad, really! Then game, which was kewl... got to see Steve, Jenny, Seth, and Jim, who I hadn't seen since March... unfortunately, they didn't have much fun, but it was still good seeing them... and getting my books back from Jim, finally... ;)

Sunday, played around with Superstar, then went to Gabe's parents for dinner... massive quantities of really good food... I even ate fish and LIKED it! After that, got to play with action figures with Gabe's nephew... I have to get used to playing action figures with a 3 year old... I don't know when my guys are supposed to be "dead," or what they're allowed to do... it's a completely different world... :)

Monday, went to Thor and Cindy's to barbeque, drink, and otherwise slack off all day... we played Trivial Pursuit, which I won... though I was being told for most of the game "would you just hurry up and win already?" Not my fault I got 3 pie pieces in one turn, and then couldn't land on another one to save my life! :) They also made the mistake of not giving me an orange question for my final question... hehehe... :)

So then I woke up yesterday, feeling sick, so I stayed home... Gabe got his new video game, so we just sat around and played games most of the day...

Now I'm feeling much better... and it's already Wednesday?! Must remember to do influence tonight!!!!!

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