Friday, June 23, 2006

Gotta post this one before I forget it. End of the Work Week Wisdom.

"I want to cut my hair, because it's getting kinda emo, but then I kinda hope that it will just cut itself."

I <3 my roommate. :)

In my lack of posting this week, I neglected to mention that I got my 2nd tattoo on Tuesday. This one is on the right hand side of my lower back, though it goes about halfway up my back, and is the Chinese characters for "serenity" in a reddish color. It looks very spiffy already, and will look even better when it finishes healing. Which I really wish it would do already, because I hate that whole feeling of dead skin just kinda sitting on my back, and then hurting every time I move. :(

But it's so worth it. :) And this one didn't even hurt as bad as the last one, despite being probably twice as big, and far more detailed. Still deciding if I'm going to get wings next, or just go with smaller things on my shoulders... :)

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