Tuesday, August 07, 2007

This post is partially a memo to self, but it also may help you find something neat that you're looking for--it's a few blogs and Etsy sites of some of my fellow Seattle-ites. :)

(Into) the Fray is Ambika's blog, and (Into) the Fray is also the name of her Etsy shop. Ambika makes beautiful jewelry with bold colors, and the cutest embellished hoodies. If I didn't already have like 5 hoodies, I would totally want one of hers. Perhaps I'll see if she would be willing to embellish my plain black one that I love so much. :)

World of Whimm is Kayce's blog, and World of Whimm is her Etsy shop. Kayce makes all kinds of cute stuff for little ones, including burp rags, quilts, and costumes. I totally want one of her fairy princess costumes in my size. :)

And finally, Wire Tree is Beth's blog, and Wire Tree is also her Etsy shop. Beth makes jewelry with gorgeous little wire spirals and beads, and she also takes some incredible photographs of nature. I can't pick just one picture that I love from her shop! :)

I'm sure there will be more posts like this as I discover more blogs of the ladies (and gentlemen) of EtsyRain, the Seattle Etsy Street Team.

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