Friday, September 14, 2007

B r a i n s

So about the only End of the Work Week Wisdom I would be able to come up with right now is to stagger around like a zombie, saying "Braaaaaaaains." So yeah, that's not all that much wisdom. My apologies.

And, I need another project at work, cuz I finished my alleged "big" project. It was not nearly as big as anticipated.

Going to set up for the Punk Rock Flea Market this evening, and thanks to JuliaJae, I have a ride there this evening and tomorrow morning! w00t! :) I love the EtsyRain folks--so many of them have been absolutely wonderful people, and very helpful! :) (P.S. She sells all sorts of cute jewelry, so go check it out!)

This weekend is gonna be nothing but go-go-go, if I'm not careful. I think I will try to make myself sleep late on Sunday, and probably skip I Heart Rummage, just so that I actually get to relax at some point. :)

1 comment:

ambika said...

Man, I know how you feel on the 'brains' front. I hate those kind of work weeks.

And I didn't think your table looked cluttered at all! I just take horrid photos!