Friday, March 21, 2008

Yay Friday!

The weekend will be nice, even if it is going to be sheer insanity. I think we've given up on the idea of going to the roller derby bout tomorrow night, especially as it starts at 5:30 (Jerome is off work at 5 and I'm at PRFM till 6, with hopes that he can help me cart my stuff home after). Sunday is theoretically going to be tea and looking at cherry blossoms at UW, but I'm waiting to see what the weather looks like on Sunday first. If it's nasty cold and rainy, I'll probably just stay home and sew. :)

And so I leave you with End of the Work Week Wisdom from a popular source:
"Everything is catching, yes, everything is catching on fire."
--They Might Be Giants


Emma said...

Rat city roller girls? Yay! Go DLF! :)
We were thinking about going tomorrow too, but probably won't make it.

Dawn said...

Yup, those are the ones! :) The couple that we game with are big time fans of the league and have been trying to get us to go with them to a bout, but they always seem to time these things when we've got other stuff going on!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!!