Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ooh, new music!

So in addition to all this reading I've been doing lately, Jerome has also been finding me new music. His latest find that I have to mention is called The Divine Madness. Now we originally looked at this band because Jerome has a tattoo on his forearm that says "Divine Madness." His is a Joker reference. The band's seems to be an Alice in Wonderland-ish reference. Sweet! :)

They have a female lead singer that reminds me of the lead singer of Stolen Babies, at least in terms of how she sounds. They don't look anything alike (which is good, because the lead singer of Stolen Babies is clearly our old roommate Jesi, in disguise.) The overall sound is a bit more on the metal side of things, though it's the more operatic metal, rather than screamy metal. And yes, that latter genre is totally a technical term. :)

And now, looking for a photo of the lead singer in her Queen of Hearts get up, I've discovered that there's a Madness album and a Bette Midler movie called Divine Madness. It's EVERYWHERE! :)

I think the other new additions to my iPod are all things I had heard before, though sometimes a bit different. Like the punk band tribute to Bad Religion... basically the same as it was before, only sometimes faster. :)

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