Tuesday, February 24, 2009

David Lynch is on my bad list...

One of the things that Jeremy and I have been doing since we've been together is watching "Twin Peaks." In my case, it's been watching for the very first time. In his case, well, he sometimes quotes lines before the characters say them. (It's okay, I love him anyway. :) ) It has taken quite a while, because there has rarely been enough time to sit down and watch more than a couple of episodes at a time with our crazy schedules.

We finally finished the show on Sunday, as I ended up getting up ridiculously early on the one day I could have slept till noon. (For the record, that means it took us a month and a half to get through the show.) Jeremy had been warning me from about midway through the series that I was probably going to hate him when it was all over.

However, I've decided to lay the blame squarely where it belongs. On David Lynch. Cuz seriously, I was NOT a happy camper when I finally got to the end of the series. :( Suffice it to say, worst. ending. EVAR. Only that doesn't even begin to tell you how bad the last episode was. I think I would have been infinitely happier had I never watched that episode.

Of course, I should have expected it from David Lynch. I love Blue Velvet, but it's plenty weird. Lost Highway was even weirder. I can't remember if I watched Mulholland Drive or not, which shows you how much of an impression it may or may not have made on me. And generally speaking, these movies are also maddening.

(Oh, and he did the original Dune. I might have guessed that.)

We also watched Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me last night, and at least I knew how that was going to end, so it wasn't nearly as maddening to sit through all of the weirdness. I was bummed that Audrey Horne wasn't in it at all, but it seems they chopped a bunch of the characters when they made the movie. Ah well. (And in case it wasn't apparent from yesterday's post, I <3 Audrey. :) )

Overall though, I loved the show. I just hated the ending. I'll watch it again, just never again will I sit through that last episode. UGH!

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