Monday, April 03, 2006

Had a great weekend all around, and finally got to see "Gigantic," which is the TMBG documentary. It was very kewl, and lots of random. I like random. :)

At work every day this week, which means it will probably be a long week... *sigh*... got lots to do, too, which adds to that. Good news is that I've already gotten one chunk of stuff done, and can probably get another chunk done tomorrow... in theory, at least... :)

Oh, we got to start both of the new TT games that I'm playing in this weekend. Deadlands on Friday, hunter on Saturday.

The Deadlands game was a good time. Most of the game was character creation, but I've definitely already got the hang of my character, Emelia, which is fun. She's a mad scientist, and I've already turned in one potential invention... I'm planning to make a utility belt, a la Batman, sooner or later... :)

The hunter game was also a good time, though there was much character creation all throughout the day. Jericho is already proving to be considerably more coherent than River, but that's quite alright. Someone needs to be coherent and bold... mostly bold. :) And yeah, the Telepathy numina is RIPPED! One more level, and I can get into peoples' heads even if they're in another room... wow...

Oh, and in other fun gaming news, I've got 5 of the remaining 6 Vampire books that I didn't own winging their way to me as I type. That means I only need to track down one more book, and I will own a version of every Vampire book, from 1st edition through revised. This is ricockulous. However, what is more ricockulous is the likelihood of me finding that one last book... because, of course, it's a 1st ed. book. *sigh*

I'm also going to need a bigger Vampire shelf... :)

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