Friday, November 21, 2008


So I don't watch "Smallville." Never have, probably never will. I'm just not much of a Superman sort of girl. I like my superheroes a little less wholesome, I think. :) But "Smallville" is on right before "Supernatural," and so when Jerome turned on the TV last night, it was still on.

Now in the midst of his complaining about the fact that the guy on the screen was supposed to be Doomsday, and how wrong that was, I noticed the music they were playing in the background... more specifically, I _recognized_ the music they were playing. VAST! I was astounded! VAST has always been one of those bands that a handful of people I know have heard of, and here they are getting national television air time. Neat! :)

And of course, this really doesn't have much of a point. Just me being excited that a band I like(d... don't really care for a lot of their newer stuff) was on TV. :) I somehow only half watched "Supernatural," even though I know it was the mid-season big deal episode, but at least it wasn't a cliffhanger. I've missed at least 3 episodes this season, which have apparently contained all of the meta-plot, and so I'm utterly lost. *sigh*

Ah well, in good news, we should have the first two discs of Season 4 of Doctor Who, which means I will finally get to see the episode with the Adipose Babies. I already know all about them, though, as I made one that will be winging it's way to Paige soon, along with a Dalek. :) She's making Jerome some SWEET Clockwork Orange plugs in exchange. :)

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